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About Us

About Sparks Racing:



We have been at the forefront of the ATV performance market for over 30 years, winning countless championships in all types of ATV racing. Our founder, Curtis Sparks, built our reputation from years of racing, hard work, and dedication. Our company was started in a small shop in Lamont, CA and has grown into a world renowned manufacturer of ATV & UTV performance products. All of us at Sparks Racing have been involved in racing or motorsports competition in one way or another, so we all share the same need for speed our customers have!


We pride ourselves on building products of the upmost performance and quality because we feel if a product doesn’t offer you what’s promised, it’s not worth having. Our company’s reputation was established on these values, and we continue to push the performance and quality envelop every day.


We are best known for our ATV performance products, and in 2012 we added our UTV performance product line starting with parts for the RZR900 XP. Since the release of our RZR900 XP products, we have seen a drastic increase in demand for our UTV product line, so we plan to expand our UTV products across a wide range of models and manufacturers.


We have a large customer/ dealer network that has been created over many years of racing and performance related relationships, and we genuinely value those bonds. We greatly appreciate the continued support of our loyal customers and dealers.